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«Men of Football | Player’s Aesthetics» is a football and art project.

Men of Football’s mission is to highlight the aesthetics of the sport of football, but especially the aesthetics of the football player through images, videos and snapshots.

Men of Football is a project by Aexraex.
For this art concept Men of Football works together with professional football players and photographers.
Finally, Aexraex works out the special aesthetics of each player and visualizes them in an artistic way.

Men in Battle

In a highly anticipated soccer match filled with energetic players on both sides, the dynamism and masculine strength of the athletes is on display. Players enter the field with a confident stride, their muscular legs and bodies exuding strength. Every pass, shot and turn reveals the impressive power that resides in the muscles of these players.

The footballers glide smoothly and aggressively across the pitch as they challenge their opponents with powerful movements and fast sprints. The muscular exertion is palpable in every one-on-one battle as they stand up to their opponents with determination. The beads of sweat on their tense bodies testify to the effort and fighting spirit they invest in this game.

It is a truly soldierly contest in which the players use their physical superiority to dominate the ball. Their arms and shoulders show the power they put into their shots and crosses. With a mixture of grace and physical dominance, they balance the ball on their bodies while simultaneously shaking off their opponents.

Spectators watch spellbound as players challenge each other and engage in gripping duels. It’s a celebration of physical endurance as players demonstrate their muscular strength and lead their teams to success.

In this art project, the dynamics of muscle become a visual representation of masculine strength and physical dominance. The players use their physical presence to direct the game and mesmerize the audience with their performance.

Homoeroticism in Football

Homoeroticism refers to sexual or romantic interest and attraction between persons of the same sex. Men who are sexually attracted to other men can be both homosexual and bisexual.

The relationship between homoeroticism and men’s sports is complex and multifaceted. It is important to note that not all men who participate in sports are homosexual or bisexual, and that sexual orientation exists independently of athletic activity.

Nevertheless, there are some factors that may influence the relationship between homoeroticism and men’s sports:

Physical attractiveness: men’s sports, especially sports that emphasize physical fitness and aesthetics, can lead to increased physical attractiveness. This may lead men, regardless of sexual orientation, to feel both admiring and sexual attraction to their athletic peers.

Community and camaraderie: Athletic activities often create community and camaraderie among participants. The close cooperation and physical contact that may occur in some sports, such as wrestling, rugby, or martial arts, may create homoerotic fantasies or tensions between athletes.

Sports identity: some men who are attracted to men find sports a way to act out or explore their sexual identity. Sports can serve as a safe space to connect with peers and potentially develop intimate or romantic relationships.

Stereotypes and Prejudice: In some sports, there are stereotypes or prejudices against gay men. These prejudices can lead to men hiding their sexual orientation or not being able to reveal their true identity in an environment where male dominance and homophobia are prevalent.

It is important to emphasize that these are general observations and do not apply to every individual. Each person is unique and individual in terms of their sexual orientation, athletic interests, and experiences.

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